June 11th, 2013 + 12:06 PM  ·  Buzaawk


I'm eager to learn your feedback.

I started a while back and my sw is reason and ableton, and i think the earliest is even madtracker 2.0. Tips and advice are ever so welcomed! =)

The guy from france that accidentally came across innit lmao.

June 10th, 2013 + 7:06 PM  ·  Buzaawk

Hey mates,

How've ya been? Great?! Really? Me too, coincedence right.

Aight, lemme introduce myself. I am Tom from zhe Netherlands. Or as you may know it that small bit of earth next to Germany.

I shall tell you my story.

Purely by luck I am amongst thee. Becuase i went on holiday and luck might have it i encounterd a mod (he told me) of this lot at that very hotel i stayed over that very night. If that wouldn't be enough luck wouold have it i encounterd him during a favourable nightly encounter as i wasn't able to sleep and he should be teaching kids but instead smoking and drinking wine. He told me bonjour but by his cracky accent i could've told from a mile he was from the UK, newcastle as it turned out.

We shared some music on the internet and he told me all about his trombone skills. A lesser man would'nt care but since ive spend the week with people loads older/younger than i was, i took the company for granted. And we speaks highly of you lads and he seemed like a really nice guy. So here i am and nice to meet you all.
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